News Item: Burning Wreck Barbacue
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Posted by Jim Aikens
Sunday October 22 2017 - 20:27:15

We had 19 members in attendance for our 10th Annual Burning Wreck Barbecue. Our scenario of choice was the Spanish Civil War scenario AP53 "Long Way from Home". Here are the results:

Dan Platcha's Nationalists defeated Jim Svette's Republicans

Matt Cicero's Republicans fell to Eric Visnowski and Dave Dennis' Nationalists

Stance Nixon's Republicans fell to Blair Bellamy' Nationalists

Rob Feinstein's Nationalists defeated Sal Palaez's Republicans

Bill Yuen's Republicans defeated Dave Perham's Nationalists

Bill Wenzel's Nationalists defeated John Leggat's Republicans

Dave Kocot's Republicans defeated Bryan Earll's Nationalists

And my Republicans defeated Scott Thompson's Nationalists. In my game Scott was ahead in points from the start, despite throwing an uncountable number of 11's, breaking, at various times, almost all of his support weapons and tank MA's. He had some luck with his repair rolls, but still lost two of his six tanks to Recall. Our game turned on the last movement phase, when I was able to squeeze one of my T26 tanks through the Nationalist lines and grab the 5 point intersection in the Nationalist backfield for the win. If I had failed my non-platoon movement task check on the last turn, Scott would have won by 2 points. It was that close.

Dave Kocot and Bill Yuen were both awarded unofficial style points for launching Republican Human Waves. Dave Lewis won the unofficial "Good Guy of the Day" award. He had made arrangements to drive down with Dave Nicholas, and did so because he knew Nick was relying on him, even though he was too sick to stay around and play. That's the kind of guy D.L. is.

It was a pleasure to meet Bill Wenzel, who drove in from La Quinta, joined the club and participated in his first SoCalASL event.

Eight members won prizes in our end-of-event raffle.

Many of the games came down to the last couple of close combats, reinforcing my argument that this scenario is much closer than its 60/40 ROAR record implies. In fact, the final score was 5 Nationalist wins to 4 Republicans; pretty much as close a split as any scenario we've played in our current format.

We enjoyed our usual lunch of Costco pizzas, and 16 survivors trekked to Fuddrucker's for an excellent dinner.

Last but not least, on behalf of the Club, I want to thank Stance and Cheryl Nixon for once again opening their home for us. We wouldn't be able to do an event like this without you!

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